F1Pitbuilding Flea Festival 2014

Welcome to the largest Fashion Gathering at Marina Bay 2014.

Venue: F1 Pitbuilding ( Venue air-conditioned and sheltered)

Date: 10 – 11 May 2014 ( Can choose dates)

Time: 11am – 8pm

Booth Rental: $55 per day. $110 for 2 days.

Last to Apply for Store: April 10 2014.

Booth Size: 1 3ftX3ft table + 1 chair

Extra chair costs $5 per chair.

Venue is sheltered & air-conditioned. No electrical points will be provided for vendors.


3 thoughts on “F1Pitbuilding Flea Festival 2014

  1. Neo Xiu Hui says:


    I’m interested in joining the flea markets but I’m rather confused as to what is currently available at the moment.

    Also, if the F1 pitbuilding flea is still available, how can I apply? 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.
    Xiu Hui

    • Hi, The F1 Pitbuilding and all the other fleas available are listed on our facebook page. As well as the fairs and fleas page on our wordpress. Please use our vendor signup form to signup. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      F1 Pitbuilding, Suntec Kovan and Punggol – These are our available fleas – Thanks.

      And F1 Pitbuilding we have a few more booths – please apply here: vendor signup form on our wordpress site. Thanks

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